James Henry is also in Xenuphobe, the ambient psychedelic guitar  collaboration album between James Henry,  Ty Tabor (of Kings X) Wally Farkas (formerly of Galactic Cowboys), released on Molken Music . Xenuphobe "Drone" is available now at Molken Music.  The band's third release explores and focuses on a darker space than previous offerings.  Using electric guitars, vintage amps, and digital/analog effects pedals only,  the guys delve into musical realms usually ruled by synths.  For a truly unique perspective on psychoactive audio check out "Drone."  

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Now available  The Shadowcasters

" Between The Light And Dark " featuring  James Henry on Guitar


Video preview of the James Henry Band release, "LIVE ALBUM" Available on random mixed color vinyl.

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" Between The Light And Dark Cd "

Original Photo By Cathy Martinez and Gypsy Cat Photography

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The James Henry Band 

"Live Electroluv"